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CBD for Dogs: How Much CBD Oil Do I Give Them?

CBD for Dogs: How Much CBD Oil Do I Give Them?

Posted by ZuRI on Jul 20th 2020

When a member of your family is suffering to any degree, more often than not, you want to do whatever you can to help them – this goes for our furry family members too! Just like people, as dogs age they may develop conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, and cancer. These ailments can have debilitating effects on their quality of life.

In efforts to diminish suffering, many pet owners have turned to CBD in their time of need, but often are not quite sure about the right dose.What is the best way to calculate the proper CBD tincture does for dogs? In short, the proper dose can range depending biological factors such as body weight and metabolism. Titration, though it takes sometimes, is the best method for finding the right dose for your dog. It is always recommended to start on the low end and consider your dog’s body weight.

Where to Begin: The Titration Method

Start with a very small amount of CBD. If you have a dog smaller than 50lbs we suggest the ZuRI-Pet Wellness Drops, but if your dog is larger than 50lbs go with the ZuRI-Pet Wellness Drops for Large Breeds. Every few days, slowly increase the dose until you have achieved the desired effect for whatever ailment you are trying to combat. Once you have achieved this desired outcome for your pet, then it is probably safe to say you have found your correct dosage and can cease dosing adjustments. Over time you may need to adjust if conditions worsen or lessen. This method of dosing is called the titration method and is recommended for both people and pets when trying CBD for the first time.

Other Ways to Administer CBD

Aside from the traditional CBD Oil for pets, there are other options. Pet CBD products also often come in topicals as well as ingestible forms. ZuRI-Pet Chews are another option to consider, especially if your dog struggles with taking supplements. A ZuRI-Pet Chew contains 3mg of CBD per chew and can be broken down into halves or quarter sizes to decrease dosing size. Because this method requires your pet to digest the chew, it may take longer to see initial effects due to the lag digestion puts on the CBD entering the blood stream, so patience is key. ZuRI-Pet Shampoo and Hot Spot Spray are both topical CBD options for localized ailments such rashes, licking sore spots, and specific joint pain.

Please Note

Any CBD product you administer to a pet SHOULD NOT contain THC. THC is another component of the hemp plant that will intensify a dog’s anxiety, while CBD can act as a calming agent. ZuRI-Pet products NEVER contain THC and are veterinarian formulated to be both safe and delicious.

If your dog is on any kind of medication, please talk with your veterinarian before administering any form of CBD. Otherwise, proceed with care and caution and follow product recommendations. It is generally a good rule to reach out to your vet before giving your pet any new products for health and wellness.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.