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Class is in Session: Easing Back-to-School Stress 101

Class is in Session: Easing Back-to-School Stress 101

Posted by ZuRI on Aug 4th 2020

It is that time again, where we count down the days left of Summer and stock up the school necessities like notebooks, pens, and coffee. Before we know it, the weather will be cooling down and all the kids will be busy hitting the books. With the way 2020 has unfolded thus far, back-to-school time this year is going to look a little different. Whether you are a college student or sending your kids back to school, attending school physically, going the online route, or seeking some other education arrangement, there is one thing that is universal, everyone is a little stressed out about it. This year your back-to-school arsenal needs one additional tool, ZuRI CBD.

Test Stress 101

You’re either a test person, or you simply are not. Many high school and university programs are mainly focused on testing, making school more difficult for the non-test people. Students may be acing all of their in-class work or getting good grades on their homework, but none of that matters if their test scores don’t match. In fact, some college courses are solely based on the average grade of 4 large tests throughout the semester. This test-culture that is instilled in the school systems has left non-test takers feeling anxious and helpless. If you aren’t a good test taker, you may navigate through life with an immense amount of test anxiety. You could study all night long and the moment the test is in front of you, you’re stuck like a deer in headlights. To combat, we recommend incorporating calming activities throughout the test prep process. Whether it be popping a few ZuRI gummies the morning of a test or doing deep breathing exercises before the exam begins, trying to calm down the overactivity of an anxious brain will allow for smoother testing.

You NEED Sleep

Everyone is a better person when they are well rested. Getting the optimal amount of sleep is extremely important, especially for the growing minds and bodies. Your brain learns best when well rested, making sleep a priority when it comes to school success. If you have high stress because of school, falling asleep may feel almost impossible. For those who struggle to get the sleep they need, ZuRI has a solution. ZuRI-Sleep oil tincture combines known natural sleep aid, melatonin, with CBD. Together they will have you sailing away into a restful night’s sleep and staying asleep the whole night.

Mitigate Social Anxiety

During your college years, one of the best and most exciting parts of school is making new friends. You are thrown into an environment full of all different kinds of people and have the opportunity to make friends of all types while learning how to handle a social life. Unfortunately, the rise in anxiety among young adults has affected nearly 1-in-3 people. Social anxiety can make school and social environments feel like torture with so many unfamiliar faces, new eyes looking at you, and the possibilities of judgment. Start each morning on the right foot with a dose of oil tincture. When you feel the anxiousness creeping up, ZuRI is there for you regardless of whats stressing you out this school year. 

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