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June: Men's Health Month

June: Men's Health Month

Posted by ZuRI on Jun 5th 2020

On average a man’s life is five years shorter than a woman’s life. Men also die at higher rates from nine of the top 10 causes of death. The month of June is dedicated to Men’s health in hopes to increase awareness of where the quality of men’s health lacks and encourage societal strides for men to take better care of their health. Do you know a man in your life who may need to take his health more serious? Here’s our top tips on what to do next.

Encourage him to get regular physicals.

The good news is many of the factors that contribute to shorter, less healthy lives of men can be prevented! The first step to prevention is identifying the problems by scheduling regular check-ups. Encourage the men in your life to have regular checks-ups so potentially dangerous conditions can be caught early and when they are still treatable.

Encourage him to prioritize exercise.

The motivation to exercise is not always there, we know, but the health benefits of regular physical activity are. Rather than simply telling him to exercise, do it with him. Go for a walk, join a recreational sports team, or go to the gym together not only is this getting him up and moving, but you also get to spend quality time together.

Encourage him to take time for himself.

Studies have shown that chronic stress has negative impacts on your health. Stress management is an important practice that you may need to remind the men in your life to have. Stress management is different for everyone but can include reading a book, weekly leisure activities, creating artwork, meditation, working out, taking CBD, and more. Encourage the men in your life to find something that helps them relieve stress and make time for it on a regular basis.

Show you care.

His own health may take a back seat due to the busyness of life. Whether he is working overtime or always running the kids around to all of their activities, remind him that you and your family members love him and need him to be alive and healthy for as long as possible.

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