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The 2020 Holiday CBD Gift Guide

The 2020 Holiday CBD Gift Guide

Posted by ZuRI on Nov 25th 2020

The 2020 ZuRI CBD Holiday Gift Guide

There is no doubt that 2020 has put the spotlight on why taking good care of our physical and mental health is vital to all. This year quickly showed us what we were taking for granted while reminding us why we do what we do here at ZuRI. We are committed to creating high-quality CBD products and make them accessible so that anyone can live the life they truly deserve.

Today we present to you our 2020 ZuRI Holiday Gift Guide and hope you can share the gift of health and wellness with your family and friends near and far. Here’s to heading into 2021 full of light, love, and good health. #LiveZuRIously

For the Busy Bee: ZuRI Wellness Capsules

Even the busiest of bees needs to slow down and take some time for themselves. If 2020 taught us anything, its that slowing down and taking a moment is OK! ZuRI Wellness Capsules will help the busy bee start their day with ease and go into their schedule head on, ready to conquer. These capsules promote overall health and wellness, are made with the highest quality of ingredients, and are always third-party lab tested for purity and potency. Shop Now

For the Night Owl: ZuRI Sleep Drops

A good day always begins and ends with quality sleep. Our ZuRI-Sleep drops combine the known natural sleep-aid melatonin with the therapeutic properties of hemp. This delightful formulation helps to promote a deeper, more restorative rest. Help your loved one sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed, restored, and ready to take on a new day. Shop Now

For the Always Active: Z-Freeze CBD Cooling Muscle Rub 

No matter what their exercise of choice is, our restorative and rejuvenating Z-Freeze CBD Cooling Muscle Rub will be their new “must-have” item in the post-workout recovery routine. This invigorating rub penetrates deep into the skin allowing the body to feel and function at its best. This is our best-selling product for a reason! Also available in a roll-on for easy application. Shop Now

For the Overworked: The R&R Gift Set

For the moms who manage work while their kids are zooming in the background, the individuals who picked up extra shifts to help their families, and anyone else who is doing the best they can. This gift set is for them. They need some genuine rest and relaxation with four products that will make it feel easy. Over $150 valueShop Now

For the CBD Beginner: The Beginner Gift Set

Maybe you know someone who might like to try CBD, but don’t want to commit to full sized items, just in case! The Beginner Gift Set has the perfect three items for a first time ZuRI CBD try-er to get their routine started. What they’ll get: Vanilla ZuRI Wellness Drops, Z-Freeze Rub Jar, and 5-Pack of Wellness Capsules. Over $115 Value. Shop Now

Check out our other Gift Sets HERE. Make the holidays easy this year, just wrap and go!

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