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Working from Home? The Routine You NEED.

Working from Home? The Routine You NEED.

Posted by ZuRI on Apr 1st 2020

Some of you may be #WFH aficionados having ran a business from a home office for years, but for many of you this is a brand-new experience. You have likely been discovering the bundle of challenges that come along with working from home. Combine those with the current self-quarantine state of society at the moment, many people are left feeling isolated and alone. In order to stay as happy as possible during this uncertain time, here’s the routine you need.

Set Working Hours, If Your Work Hasn’t Already

If your company has not already set your working hours, make it a point to set your own hours and stick to them on the daily. Even though your morning commute is now from the bed to the computer, set your alarm every day for the same time Monday through Friday. Wake up each morning and have a morning routine that you would if you had somewhere to be. This can include a morning shower, making breakfast, or reading some news before your set time to begin work.

Dedicate a Place to Work – NOT FROM YOUR BED

Choose a spot in your home that is your designated personal work area. It can be a desk in a home office or bedroom, the living room table, or even the kitchen counter. One thing it cannot be is your bed. Leave work out of the one area that you rest the most. Working from bed is a great way to be unproductive. By designating an area to your work, you can get up and leave that area at the end of the day and still separate home life from work life, just like you left the building.

Get Out of the House

Although almost all public places are closed at this time, the great outdoors will always be there for you. Getting some fresh air at least once a day will help mitigate the cooped-up feeling that working from home and self-quarantine are likely giving you. Schedule into your day breaks and make it a point to get outside and walk around while breathing in some fresh air. You can walk in the early morning before work to take up that time you used to spend commuting, during your lunch break, or after work hours.

Make it a Point to Talk to Friends & Family

Undoubtedly everything going on has put a damper on everyone’s social life. Socialization is both healthy and necessary to maintaining a balanced life. Luckily in the age of technology we are currently living in, we have many ways to socialize from the comfort of our homes without being physically with someone. It is more important than ever to pick up the phone and reach out to your family and friends. Shoot them a quick text each morning, video call after work and have dinner together, or send Snapchats during work breaks. We might not be able to be out and about as much as we want to be, but we can still develop relationships and hang out with the people that we care the most about.

Stay Healthy

Now is the perfect time to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. Eating clean, exercising, selfcare, and socialization are all factors that you need to balance in order to maintain a healthy, happy life. ZuRI wants you to stay healthy and happy throughout this uncertain time and will support you in the best way we know how. We create the highest quality CBD products for everyone’s lifestyle needs.

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