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ZuRI CBD gummies offer the same great benefits as other ZuRI CBD products but can provide a wonderful-tasting alternative to traditional CBD oil.  Each ZuRI CBD gummy provides a standardized dose of CBD and the convenience of having CBD anywhere at any time.  ZuRI CBD Gummies are quick, convenient, and super easy to use.

We have formulated the highest quality hemp-derived CBD into a wide variety of user-friendly products. This way, regardless of your personal preference, adding ZuRI CBD into your wellness routine is enjoyable and effective.

In the world of CBD, we believe transparency is key and our lab tests are always available to you on the Lab Results page.

  • ZuRI CBD Gummies Assorted Flavor

    ZuRI Gummies Assorted Flavor

    $49.99 - $79.99

    ZuRI CBD Gummies come in five fruity flavors; blue raspberry, strawberry, wild berry, lime, and green apple. These THC-free gummies are the perfect solution for those seeking a tasty and convenient way of consuming your daily serving of CBD...

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