Morning to Night Gift Set

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Now: $64.99

Product Overview

Establish your daily routine with a dose of vanilla ZuRI Wellness Drops in the morning and Caramel Creme Sleep Drops to end your day. The Z-Sleep Drops are formulated with known sleep aid, melatonin, to assure you get a restful night of sleep. 

What you'll get:

  • ZuRI Wellness Drops 500mg Vanilla
  • ZuRI Sleep Drops Caramel Creme

Our ingredients are non-GMO, natural, organic, and precisely extracted. ZuRI uses only pharmaceutical-grade CBD isolate and Full Spectrum CBD. We make sure to source only the best ingredients so you can give your body what it deserves, the most consistent and effective CBD experience possible.

At ZuRI, we believe transparency is key. Many CBD products on the market are made with artificial ingredients, pesticides, and even heavy metals. All of which can be detrimental to your health. We source only the best ingredients and assure product purity and potency with third-party lab testing on both on an ingredient and product level.

These lab tests are always available to you on the Lab Results page.

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